Pharmacy Solutions


The Business Squad is uniquely experienced in pharmacy. The Managing Director, Paul Rowe is a leader and business pioneer in this industry. He works closely with industry bodies such as the PSA, Guild and University Schools of Pharmacy across Australia to develop and run training programmes and post-graduate courses. 


Paul is a regular contributor to industry publications such as Pharmacy Daily, The Australian Journal of Pharmacy and is Today Tonight's retail and consumer expert.


Paul’s professional background covers financial solutions, growth strategies, partnership solutions and group structuring as well as sales, purchasing & Greenfield development.  He can provide:

  • Business growth strategies
  • Consultant CFO roles and board involvement and can advise across a broad range of business strategies, including compliance, risk management, solvency and everything in between 
  • Crisis management & business turnaround
  • Lease negotiation of existing, new and mid term leases
  • Managing third parties such as landlords, financiers and suppliers

Just call The Business Squad and let us put your pharmacy through its paces!